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About April S. Goodwin

As a young girl growing up in Lima, Ohio, Attorney April S. Goodwin envied the superheroes she saw on the big and small screen, and in comic books – Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and The Incredible Hulk. When she grew older, April discovered she too possessed a superpower that could help others in need – the ability to argue about anything, with anyone, at any time or place.

After honing her contrarian skills in college and law school, April left the gray skies and amicable people of the Midwest behind for a magical land of discontent – a state willing to put the entire future of the country on hold to debate whether a chad was hanging or dimpled; a place where a literal federal case could be made out of a neighbor putting up their Christmas lights before Thanksgiving; a land where a battle over a parking spot or talking during a movie can become deadly – Florida.

After nearly 14 years of practicing law, April founded The Goodwin Firm in 2015 to fulfill her other lifelong dream – not having a boss. She soon learned the lesson all new small business owners learn – if you want to keep being your own boss, you must work harder than you did as an employee. Despite the disappointingly negative nap-to-work ratio involved in running a law firm, April persevered, and The Goodwin Firm has tripled in size and continues to grow year after year.

I will give you the honest, straightforward answers you deserve

“I am personally committed to providing determined, energetic, affordable, high quality representation to each client, dedicating every possible effort to your case. I will give you the honest, straightforward answers you deserve, while helping you make the best decisions possible for your future.” – April S. Goodwin, Esq.

Attorney April S. Goodwin loves fighting for her clients – whether the fight is against the bad guy who is the bane of small business employers – the Wrathful Worker, who can take down an entire small business with a single lawsuit; pet-related businesses and professionals needing a hero to stand up to the costly scoundrel Malevolent Malpractice Claims; or pet owners trying to save their furbabies from the most sinister villain of all – the Evil Ex.

When not putting her superpowers to good use for her clients, April tests them on her significant other Ryan (who she sometimes lets win for the greater good) and her Australian Shepherd Chewbacca, who always wins because his superpower is cuteness, which is unfortunately April’s kryptonite.


J.D. Ohio Northern University

B.S. The Ohio State University

Jurisdictions Admitted to Practice


US District Court, Middle District of Florida

US District Court, Southern District of Florida

US District Court, Northern District of Florida



Pulling out the perfect movie or TV quote for any situation


Cute animals

Crab Rangoon

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