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Employee Rights

Discrimination, unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, wrongful termination

The Goodwin Firm is here to help fight for the rights of employees in in cases involving employee discrimination and unfair labor practices.

Employer Rights

Protecting and fighting against claims of discrimination, unpaid wages, unpaid overtime, retaliation

The Goodwin Firm believes employers have rights, too! We are here to help small businesses navigate the confusing world of employment and labor law to protect them from potential claims for discrimination, wage and hour violations, retaliation, and all other employment related issues.

Pet Rights

Legal issues involving animal control, neighbors, landlords, HOAs, breeders, boarders, rescue agencies, law enforcement, and more

Pet parents often encounter legal issues relating to their pets and are increasingly turning to the courts for protection. Attorney April S. Goodwin can help you with legal problems relating to your beloved furbabies.

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